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Clinically Validated For Stress, Anxiety And Depression


 Anti-Smoking Programs

Anti-Smoking Programs

 War on Obesity

War on Obesity

 Stress & Resiliency Programs

Stress & Resiliency Programs

Annual Economic Impact of Stress in the U.S. – $300,000,000,000/Year

0% Of All Doctor Visits Are Stress Related
$0mil. Annual estimated loss for 10,000 employee company due to stress
0%GDP Stress related issues cost US 13% of its GDP each year
0mil. Number of workers who are absent each day due to stress

Economic Impact of Stress – $4,888 – Employee/Year

Group Health 0%
Turnover 0%
Absenteeism 0%
Presenteeism 0%
Compensation 0%
Disability 0%

Statistics by STRESS DIRECTIONS Inc.

Consumer Directed Health Care Solution
for the #1 Modifiable Health Risk – Stress

Our Mission – Fill The Gap

  • Complete Health & Wellness

    Adds a Behavioral Health Component.
    STRESS NUMBER™️ as HRA Metric.

  • Enhance Employee Engagement

    Reduces Stress.
    Improves Absenteeism and Presenteeism.
    Increases Productivity and Profitability.

  • Move EAPs Toward Being More Proactive

    Stimulates Engagement with Stress Test – Increase Utilization.
    EAPA: “The Oxygen Plan – A Great Ally”.

  • Treat Chronic Diseases

    Modifies Risk Factors Driven by Lifestyle.
    Adds Active, Behavioral/Psychosocial Component.
    Applicable to Most if Not All Chronic Diseases.

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