Back to School. Back to Stress? What’s Your Child’s Stress Number®?

Compared to what adults face, one could think that kids have it easy and don’t have much to stress about. On the contrary, kids stress about their home, school and social lives. According to a recent poll by Kids Health®, kids stress most about their grades, school, and homework (36%); family (32%); and friends, peers, gossip and teasing (21%). Now that kids are back in school, what’s your child’s Stress Number™? Find out with The Oxygen Plan’s revolutionary stress test.

A patent-pending stress management program, The Oxygen Plan , is designed to help students improve their health, relationships and school performance.

According to Dr. Donald E. Williams, a licensed, board certified (ABPP) clinical health psychologist and Chief Science Officer for The Oxygen Plan, stress is what our children experience when the demands placed upon them exceed their abilities to cope. They experience symptoms when stress is serious, persistent or as it accumulates over time. Stress has negative impacts on our students’ relationships at home and at school and it has been linked to a variety of health and behavioral problems in our children; problems such as declining grades to headaches to depression, contributing to frequent doctor visits and time away from school.

The Oxygen Plan Stress Test is a unique online stress measurement tool to provide clear and instant results that you and your student can see and understand. After answering 30 short questions, your output is in the form of a Stress Color and a Stress Number™ for your student’s home, school and social lives. By using The Oxygen Plan system, students can go on to: (1) take inventory or identify stressors at school, at home and in social interactions; (2) categorize, by color, the degree of stress involved; (3) set life rules or implement new positive behaviors to deal with stress and (4) repeat the process as a life plan.

“Our Stress Test data show what many suspect – there is a tremendous amount of stress in our society and in our relationships and it’s taking a huge toll on our health, relationships and on our children, says Dr. Williams. For our students, the impact of stress can take a tremendous toll on their health, relationships and school performance. The Oxygen Plan could be a solution for students, that helps them improve their ability to cope and manage their stress, and excel in school

“We recommend parents establish a stress baseline, for each of their children, at the beginning of the school year,” adds Eric Lucas, Founder. That way, over the course of the school year, if you think something has changed with your child, you can have a better line of sight on the source of the issue.

The Oxygen Plan is a new patent-pending program designed to help people recognize and reduce stress, live healthier, happier lives while helping employers lower health care costs and improve productivity and employee engagement. The Oxygen Plan, co-developed by Eric Lucas and Dr. Donald E. Williams, is the only stress reduction program to use a simple green, yellow, red color coding to easily facilitate stress recognition and behavior change for individuals and organizations.

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