The Oxygen Plan Guides Companies in Choosing an Effective Stress Management Program

Article, authored by Board certified psychologist specializing in assessing and treating stress and stress-related disorders, outlines the essential features of an online stress management program

The impact of stress at work takes a tremendous personal toll in terms of lost productivity, absenteeism and burnout. The latest article from The Oxygen Plan, creators of the Stress Number™ and the free Stress Test, guides employers in choosing the right program that will meet an organization’s needs and deliver the best results.

Authored by Dr. Donald E. Williams, access “How to Choose an Effective Stress Management Program” on The Oxygen Plan Web site.

The article outlines the differences in onsite versus online programs and the essential features of an online program. A few of the essential features outlined in the article of a truly robust online program include:

  •     A life inventory tool that helps participants identify the sources of stress and how much each source is contributing. The tool should help individuals determine which sources can be managed and which should be minimized or eliminated.
  •     Tracking and journaling tools that enable participants to continually measure their stress levels and monitor their progress in changing unhealthy behaviors. Tracking and journaling help keep participants motivated and on track toward fulfilling their action plans.
  •     Social networking tool that enables participants to build a social network of family, friends and colleagues and others with whom they can communicate and share tips and strategies for managing stress. This type of feature is designed to facilitate social support, not added stress or depression, as has been reported recently for popular, public social networking sites.
  •     The ability to refer participants to other helpful resources, such as an organization’s health plan, employee assistance program or work-life program. This requires a level of sophistication that not all online programs can provide.

“Programs differ in many ways, including format, delivery method, target audience, features and cost,” said Williams, chief science officer of The Oxygen Plan and author of the article. “It’s important to implement a program that is scalable, available 24/7, confidential and cost effective.”

Williams is a clinical and consulting psychologist with over 25 years of experience, specializing in assessing and treating stress and stress-related disorders. For nearly 18 years, Williams served on the staff of the Mayo Clinic as a consultant in clinical health psychology. Certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP), Williams has published a number of articles and is a contributing author to a number of subjects related to clinical health psychology.

To access “How to Choose an Effective Stress Management Program” and an informational video presentation about stress and the impact of stress in the workplace, visit The Oxygen Plan Web site.

About The Oxygen Plan 
The Oxygen Plan is an online behavior change program that helps organizations reduce the costly and negative effects of stress in the workplace and at home, including increased healthcare expenses, chronic medical conditions, mental health issues, absenteeism and productivity losses, and reduced employee engagement. The company’s patent-pending stress management system teaches individuals to recognize the sources and symptoms of stress and provides them with tools and information for effectively reducing and avoiding stress. For more information, visit

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