April Is Stress Awareness Month; Get Your STRESS NUMBER™ With The Oxygen Plan Corporation’s Online Stress Test

In recognition of National Stress Awareness Month, The Oxygen Plan Corporation makes its free online stress test available for all to learn their  STRESS NUMBER™️. Measure your home, social and work stress with The Oxygen Plan stress test.

As many scramble to meet the deadline for filing their 2015 income tax returns, acute stress may be on the rise. According Dr. Donald E. Williams, board-certified clinical health psychologist (American Board of Professional Psychology/ABPP), and Chief Science Officer, The Oxygen Plan, “National Stress Awareness Month is a great time to take The Oxygen Plan stress test and get your STRESS NUMBER™️. For many, the stress of an important deadline is taxing enough but it can also aggravate existing stress creating symptoms or relationship problems.”

Thomas R. Ward, MPA, JD, LL.M Taxation, agrees, “This tax season, I’m seeing stressors which stem from tax payers’ fears, anxiety and concerns regarding tax obligations and ability to pay.”

In support of tax season, and National Stress Awareness Month, The Oxygen Plan Corporation announces their free stress test for individuals to learn their STRESS NUMBER™️ . To date, almost 60,000 respondents have completed The Oxygen Plan’s stress test to measure their home, social and work stress.

Employers can also find benefit in The Oxygen Plan stress test since employee stress leads to less productivity and more expenses. Annually, the economic impact amounts to almost $5,000 per employee per year and totals $300 billion.

Stress in the U.S. workplace is bad news for employers as it manifests in lost productivity, absenteeism, presenteeism, group health expense, employee turnover and disability expenses. “Many organizations invest in resources like EAPs, work-life programs and policies, plus health and wellness programs,” said Dr. Williams. “These are essential but reactive initiatives. Many organizations are unaware of their employees’ actual stress levels, how much of their stress is job-related, the root causes of their stress, or that they can be proactive in terms of addressing the very real problems and associated costs.” “Stress diminishes the engagement and effectiveness of a workforce, erodes workers’ physical and emotional health, and drives up medical and insurance costs,” adds Eric Lucas, CEO of The Oxygen Plan Corporation.

“With the STRESS NUMBER™️, it is now possible to decode stress employee stress and employee group stress with Stress Score®,” says Dr. Williams. “Now, we are able to assess stress, calculate the STRESS NUMBER™️, provide The Oxygen Plan program and re-measure stress for employees.” “Because stress in the home or social life impacts employees at work, and vice versa, it’s in employers’ best interest to know the aggregate STRESS NUMBER™️ for their organization and get a line of sight into root causes,” adds Lucas.

About The Oxygen Plan Corporation 
The Oxygen Plan is a revolutionary health technology company with a game changing approach toward reducing the #1 modifiable risk factor – Stress which accounts for approximately 8% of all health care spending. We deliver STRESS NUMBER™️, the new health metric for all patient and employee HRAs and fully stress reduction programs with a variety of uses in the global consumer, healthcare and business markets. The Oxygen Plan specializes in decoding stress and strengthening employee engagement. YOUR STRESS IS OUR BUSINESS®. For more information visit https://theoxygenplan.com.

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